Potential Approaches


Genetic Thumbprint

We all come into the world with genetic predispositions/characteristics we are born with. These unique identities from the basis of our personality and behavior patterns of expression. Working this approach enables you to better understand yourself, identify your own characteristics and “voice” and how you navigate through the world. My goal is to identify or recognize these parts to help understand yourself and how you can best communicate with others. This innovative approach is exceptionally wonderful with individual and couples counseling and results have been outstanding!

Integrative Outdoor Counseling

Outdoors, in a less structured setting, we walk where you can breathe, move and talk through your obstacles in life.
Outdoors you can connect with nature, the natural environment where you become grounded, literally and figuratively.
This approach can take place in either of my 2 locations; on the Goshen Trail in Goshen NY or Hook Mountain in Nyack, NY.

Strength Based (Psychological)

We focus on the positive and your strengths to create hope and promote meaningful change. I encourage you to articulate what you are hopeful about and what you are doing well with.
We can look at your character traits that can be used in solution and what solutions/tools are already proving successful and useful.

Strength based (Personal Training/Physical)

Whether you want to embrace your physicality, lose weight, feel comfortabale in a gym, regain your strength and get fit; we set realistic goals together and add measurable outcomes. I customize and tailor a program to achieve your goals and fit your needs.
We can incorporate any of the other approaches to integrate a mind/body connection. I am a certified personal trainer and have had wonderful results combining the two.

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”
Helen Keller