We are progressing everyday as a team. We owe it all to you. :) Thank you again for everything. You are the best!!


Her upbeat, energetic personality is a great inspiration and motivator.

Beth K.

She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and dependable while maintaining safety at all time.

Michelle A. FNP, MS

Observing and working with Ms. Wohl provides one with the opportunity to witness and appreciate her professionalism and ability to effectively assist children with their various needs.

Joe F. Lead School Counselor

She has an intrinsic understanding of youth that when combined with her skills, results in excellent service to whomever she works with.


Amy’s core values, intelligence, social work skills, professionalism, self-direction and flexibility, make her a solid choice.

Donna S. LCSW-R

Hi Amy, Thanks so much for all of your help. I really feel like my husband and I are making huge improvements in our relationship. Thank you!

Jenn S.

Success Story

Nicole joined Weight Watchers 8 years ago weighing 254 lbs. at age 28. Her motivation was to lose weight and become fit to purchase life insurance at an affordable rate. Nicole was dedicated to maintaining a healthier life style and committed to working out and exercising with Amy. She embraced Amy’s approach to fitness and weight training and cardio.

“It is now 8 years later, and I have maintained a 95 lb weight loss. and still exercise 5 days a week , and continue to weigh in at WW weekly. I have lost almost 100lbs but can’t even explain how much I have gained.”
Nicole J.